800 Sized Helis – Learn All About It!

As you all probably noticed, the market is heading more and more towards the 800 size helis. In order to make sens of it all and help you determine whether an 800 size is for you, and also to help with setup selection etc. we bring you the full story behind the 800’s.
Most 800 Size helis are designed to work with a 14s setup which is not very widespread at this point in time and as such, make it somewhat difficult to select the required components.
Read on to become familiarized with what’s available:
Nowadays, there are the main four choices when it comes to 800 size helis. These are:
  • The first, and probably best known is the Mikado Logo XXtreme. Debuted in the 2011 3DM by Kyle Dahl, this beast is designed for 3D.
  • The second is the Henseleit TDR 800 – this heli is offered as an optional upgrade/modifying kit for the standard TDR.
  • The third is the Shape 8.0 Rigid by Shape helicopters. This is also a conversion kid to the standard 9.0 Rigid but the company has already published their new S8 which is a full 800 sized heli designed from the ground up.

  • The fourth and the first to come to the 800 market, is the Bergen Tazer 800. This helicopter was debuted at 2008 and was the first production 800 size heli.

When choosing your setup, it’s usually recommended to begin with motor choice sens it will determine your controller and batteries selection.
There is wide selection of motors you can choose from depending on your flight style:

  • Scorpion HK-5035-500KV (8mm Shaft)
  • Scorpion HK-5035-410KV (6mm Shaft)
  • Scorpion HK-5035-380KV
  • X-Era 4035/4y-300
  • X-Era 4035/3y-400
  • X-Era 4035/2.5y-480
  • X-Era 4035/2y-600
  • X-Era 4530-500
  • KDE Direct KDE700XF-495
  • KDE Direct KDE700XF-395 – Will be available soon.


As we mentioned earlier, the 14s setup is not wide spread and although we have allot of motors to choose from, choosing an ESC is made much easier due to the lack of options. Only two manufacturers are making 14s controllers:

  • Schultze fut-xxl-40.333K
  • YGE 160HV Navy

The battery selection is also not very wide and amounts to the following:

  • Hyperion G3 VX – 7S 5000mAh 35C
  • Thunder Power RC G6 Pro Power 65C 5000mAh 7-Cell/7S 25.9V

  • Voltz 5100mAh 7S 25.9V 65C
  • Chrome 7s1p 5000 mAh 45C

Blades options are as follows:

  • EDGE 813mm Premium CF Blades
  • RotorTech 810mm Carbon Main Rotor Blades
  • Minicopter Carbon Main Rotor Blades 800 mm
  • Nhp RAZOR PRO 800mm
  • MAH G2 810mm


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