New Product: Tactic AnyLink2 2.4GHz Radio Adapter

Turn your R/C flight transmitter — regardless of its brand, band or modulation — into a 2.4GHz powerhouse with the AnyLink2. The cost is minimal and the benefits are enormous. Attaching the AnyLink2 instantly gives your favorite radio transmitter 2.4GHz security and dependability. You also gain the ability to fly any aircraft that’s equipped with a Tactic SLT receiver, from gas giants to micro electrics and everything in-between. Considering the low cost of Tactic SLT receivers, adding the AnyLink2 makes the best kind of economic sense. Every aircraft you retrofit with a Tactic receiver is one more you can fly with the ease and security of your “new”, AnyLink2-equipped 2.4GHz transmitter. To get more from your radio transmitter, just add the AnyLink2!

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