Skyhobbies introduce: KDS Innova 450QS a Beginner’s 3D RC Helicopter

The exciting all-new KDS 450QS is the first of a new generation of ready-built high performance helicopters from the experts at KDS.

Every component of this amazing new helicopter has been the subject of the most up-to-date computer aided design, with the core emphasis on providing maximum performance, minimizing weight and increasing strength and stiffness wherever possible. The KDS 450 QS features a radical all-new single drive belt system which is hugely efficient, minimizes friction, reduces mechanical noise and virtually eliminates main gear wear! Less of the power provided by the high performance brushless motor gets “lost” in the mechanics, which provides you, the pilot, with more performance, improved flight duration and even more fun!

Closer inspection shows the incredible attention to detail that has gone into the KDS 450QS. The tough moulded side frames have designed-in rigidity, with servo mountings optimized to ensure that all pilot control inputs translate into precise servo outputs without flexing normally associated from a composite airframe. Even the rudder servo has been moved inboard of the frames to provide the most direct and accurate tail rotor control possible.

The all-new KDS 450QS is available in Ready to Fly, or Plug and Play formats. As is often the case with superbly designed products, the stunning new KDS 450 QS just looks “right”. With good reason, it is!

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